“It’s sad, but it’s getting funky,” said lead vocalist Ed Reyes at the Troubadour.

Although they were nearing the end of a six-week tour with indie band Ra Ra Riot, the Little Ones were energetic and in good spirits, giving their hometown an indelible show. Infectious these lads were, as they buoyantly played their not-too-sugary California pop ditties from the EP Sing Song and their newest, Terry Tales & Fallen Gates. There was no hipster in sight that wasn’t head bopping, handclapping and feet shuffling as each One played their heart out, with sweat beads dripping from their shiny, happy faces.

But it was new song “Boracay,” named after the white-sand-blue-waters vacation isle in the Philippines, that visibly affected the audience. A sweet sight was the man next to me that dazed off into his own personal world, smiling and closing his eyes at the same time throughout the song.

It was proof that the Little Ones’ feel-good music transports you to an idyllic paradise where the palm trees sway, the cocktails flow freely and you’re with the one you love. Finally, here’s the soundtrack to your summer.