You may know Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie from their “Flight of the Conchords” series on HBO, but you may not know that the Conchords are an actual band, a Grammy-winning band, no less. Having sold out the El Rey less than a year ago, this time the New Zealanders graduate to two sold-out nights at the Orpheum.

Following a set by fellow Kiwi Bic Runga and comedian Aziz Ansari, the Conchords took the stage with “Robots,” complete with binary solo. After Clements confirmed that they really are a band because they partake in offstage antics like “drugs and blow jobs,” they played several other tunes from their recently released self-titled album – “The Most Beautiful Girl (in the Room),” “Mutha’uckas” and “Foux du Fafa” – as well as “Jenny” from their HBO “One Night Stand” special and “If You’re Into It” and “Crying” from The Distant Future.

The Conchords do have a serious side; they spent about 10 minutes professing their dedication to issues like “War, poverty, whale saving ... anything Bono is into, really” before launching into “Think About It.” They also unveiled a new song, “I Told You I was Freaky.”

The duo concluded the evening with two encores that included “Bret, You Got It Going On” and “Angels.” “There are angels in the clouds ... Doin’ it.”