Regardless of what many youngsters may think about aging rock stars, they can jam out harder than most of today’s up ’n’ coming baby artists, as proved by Robert Smith and his legendary the Cure.

Despite a somewhat recent line-up change, the Cure brought an unmatched aura to the stage, even without an over-the-top multimedia production. Still, the missing keyboards proved hurtful on a number of Cure classics, including “Just Like Heaven” and “Friday I’m In Love.”

Nevertheless, the highlight of the night goes to the darker-era Cure cuts, including a creepy rendition of “Lullaby” and “A Forest.”

With an extensive discography that spans across almost three decades, the Cure is definitely a band various generations can enjoy – from the post-punk fanatics of their late ’70s debut, Three Imaginary Boys, to the teenage lovers making out to ’80s hits like “Love Song” and “In Between Days.