Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett have solidified themselves as indie pop leaders. They perfectly blend the new songs with their classics from previous albums in their live show. Each song sounds better than the next, regardless of which album it came from.

There is one thing you should know when going to a Rilo Kiley show. The crowd is guaranteed to be hardcore. They will know every song and sing along with every word.

But something strange happened while the band was performing “Does He Love You?” The crowd was singing every word as usual, but Lewis was killing the song so hard, everyone quieted down to hear her sing the climax. Only her voice resonated throughout the open-air arena. And Lewis can freaking blow. Her voice is ridiculous, but that’s not what makes Rilo Kiley so great.

It’s Lewis’ songwriting skills. She has a unique style that makes every song unpredictable the first time you hear it. It definitely doesn’t get any better than watching her turn a three-minute pop song into a seven-minute live ballad.