Tonight there was an acoustic showdown at the Troubadour. Timmy Curran, de Ventura, performed a groovy warm up for what was to come. With crisp vocals and chill vibes Curran captured the lively crowd. The pro surfer humbly stepped off the stage with a big thank you directed to the Beautiful Girls.

One beer later, the Beautiful Girls were getting hooted by multiple native Aussie tongues. Sure enough the guys from outside of Sydney performed to every expectation the crowd had, opening the night with a handful of acoustic jams that exaggerated the chill atmosphere that Curran left behind.

Shortly thereafter, they ripped out their electrically aided and livelier songs to get the crowd truly amped. It was a party, and it was obvious that the Beautiful Girls had found their L.A. niche in the Troubadour and in the crowd of supporters, new and old.