Students on the Westside have a pretty big range of sushi joints they can visit when they’re in the mood. But how many places can proudly claim they’re derived from one of the top sushi restaurants in the city?

So far, only sugarFish holds the title, coming straight from the famed Nozawa family. sugarFish by sushiNozawa stays true to omakase, or “trust the chef” philosophy, and offers a no-frills, strictly high quality seafood experience. The fish is centrally shipped from the South Pacific, Japan and stateside where it’s cut according to Chef Nozawa’s strict standards.

One of the first things you’ll notice as you step through the doors is the vibrant and stylish décor, teal and white walls, West Elm-style chairs and artsy light fixtures. The welcoming and positive vibe definitely sets the tone for the experience.

You can choose to sit at the “sushi bar,” but keep in mind that there are no sushi chefs in front of you. It’s not a big loss once you see the fresh, precisely cut fish that you’re served after you pick from one of the three “Trust Me” selections. Every day the menus vary according to the best available selection from the sea.

In early July the menu consisted of tuna sashimi, toro and salmon with sesame rolls. They also offer yellowtail, albacore and rare daily specials when available.

A unique twist to the ordering process is that the prices, which range from $19.50 to $38.50, are tax and tip inclusive. There’s an additional à la carte menu if you require even more pieces.

For more information, call (310) 306-6300.