Finch has been around for quite some time now, though they’re certainly not past their physical prime, either. While they’re relatively newer, the members of Scary Kids Scaring kids are anything but inexperienced.

Knowing this, and having seen both bands perform awe-inspiring sets in the past, it would have been reasonable to expect throwing them both on a tour together would equate to all kinds of thrashy, anthemic win. Not the case, unfortunately.

Opening band Tickle Me Pink showed off musical promise and gave a fun, engaging performance that spoke of their potential, provided they don’t fall into the Red Jumpsuit sound-alike stigma. Fellow opener Foxy Shazam gave a performance that, for better or worse, would leave any reviewer at a loss for descriptive words.

Scary Kids would come next as the shining beacon of straight up rock ’n’ roll from the most seasoned and skilled of young’uns on the scene ... only to play a set plagued by technical difficulties and half-hearted showmanship. Though they wouldn’t hit their stride until halfway through their set, the Kids at least had solid musicianship throughout.

Similarly, Finch seems to still be working off the rust from their hiatus, displaying a more than mild awkwardness onstage with each other. As much as they appeared to be having fun and as great as it is for any Finch fan to hear frontman Nate Barcalow do his signature scream live again on those favorite songs, they’ve really got to put in the effort for this reunion to capture the magic of their early days and be more than a passing novelty.

Come on, guys, it’s not like we think any less of you. We just know you’re capable of so much better.