You’d think that a band with a name like Black Kids would be the poster children for hipster irony. But no ... two of the members actually are black. Go figure.

Brother and sister Reggie and Ali Youngblood took the El Rey stage along with bassist Owen Holmes, keyboardist Dawn Watley and drummer Kevin Snow to play a supercharged, body-moving set. This performance was the most fun a kid could have on a school night without going to jail afterward.

The band jammed through tracks off its current release, Partie Traumatic. Songs like “Love Me Already,” “Hit the Heartbrakes” and latest single “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You” sounded incredible live.

Black Kids also showed that they’re a group with a good sense of humor, engaging the audience in a bit of witty banter (as opposed to just ripping through their playlist). It would have been nice to see more people in the audience rocking out (the Rapture was right – people DON’T dance no more), but that’s Los Angeles for you.

San Francisco’s LoveLikeFire were fantastic as Black Kids’ opening act. Lead vocalist Ann Yu seduced the crowd with her devilish presence.

The rest of the band – consisting of keyboardist/drummer Dave Farrell, bassist Robert Kissinger and guitarist Ted Parker – lit into songs like “From a Tower” with the force of a freight train. Together, the line-up was a solid one and proved a must-see for dance music and indie-pop lovers.