To the delight of the packed house, Amanda Palmer stormed the stage in absolute style and originality. As the lights dimmed and the music started playing, Palmer walked onstage lip-syncing to a new, as of yet unreleased Ben Folds song.

She simultaneously walked back and forth across the stage holding cue cards for her audience to read. In a very theatrical manner, Palmer presented the world “HI” written in black paint. Then, her cue cards remarked “sort of difficult to be up here alone.”

The rest of her performance was as unique as her entrance. Playing a mix of new tunes, covers and Dresden Doll songs interjected with dialogue about current projects, random thoughts and interesting stories, Palmer had every single person’s complete attention.

Palmer even took time out to answer questions from a box that fans were encouraged to fill with questions before the show began. And in a very touching moment, she invited her father onstage to play guitar so they could perform a Leonard Cohen cover together.

With this performance as the first stop on her world tour in support of her upcoming album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer (out Sept. 16), Amanda Palmer aimed to please and went well beyond expectation.