Consider, my friends, the Largo, a place where ambience and acoustics enjoy a happy little relationship. If you haven’t indulged yourself with a night of tasty cuisine and an intimate musical performance at this cozy little Fairfax space, consider yourself to have wasted your life up to this point. I, on the other hand, try to make my way to this candlelit joint every time one of my fave singer-songwriter types shows up to do business.

Such was the case on Saturday night when Scottish-grown lad Colin Hay popped in to comically banter about his post-Men At Work slide into semi-obscurity, and play the personal music that has made this A-OK with him. He’s even just-a-bit hot again thanks to primo fan Zach Braff, for whom he’s not only supplied a tune for the “Scrubs” soundtrack, but also for Braff’s sweet ode to quarter-life-crisis film, Garden State.

During his performance, Hay played “I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You,” from the Garden State soundtrack, in addition to moving paens like “Overkill,” with its soulful hook and clever phrasing, and “Beautiful World,” which he turned into a powerful, late-night optimist anthem. Hays was later joined onstage by wife Cecilia and Largo regular Jon Brion for rollicking renditions of old Men At Work tracks, “Land Down Under” and “Who Could It Be Now.” These old classics were kitschy-cool, but the true moments of clarity came when it was simply the all-grown up boy onstage with his guitar, imparting the musical knowledge he’s gained along the way.