Raise your fists, Angelenos, and celebrate the wonderful diversity of your city. Saturday marked a glorious occasion for fans of just about any genre of music as the third annual We the People Festival kicked off at the Los Angeles Historic Park.

The air was brisk and the energy infectious as fans of all shapes, colors and sizes flocked to this massively green park. The line-up was as eclectic as the fanbase and included such acts as RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan and Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

The theme was predictably liberal across the board – whether it was the massive army of “Obamagandists” who set up booth after booth selling shirts and posters of our democratic candidate or the incessant rants of aforementioned Morello, who turned out to be the fest’s biggest letdown. Morello, who is known for making utterly strange, yet highly magnificent sounds come out of his guitar, strayed from this simple agenda to prove why some people just cannot and should not have solo careers. He rocked out not just guitar work but lackluster vocals as he covered AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” replacing the original lyrics with politically fused silliness.

Standout acts included the passionate reggae sounds of Barrington Levy, whose massive presence onstage complimented his full-featured and booming vocals. Los Angeles natives Dilated Peoples headlined the second stage with some ridiculous beats and rhymes, while Les Claypool of Primus headlined the main stage. Irony ensued as the polarizing headliners managed to do just that to the highly colorful audience, with predictable outcomes as to what headliner managed to draw which audience.

Ironic conclusion aside, We the People Fest proved a truly remarkable example of the diverse population of Los Angeles and its equally diverse taste in music. One would be hard pressed to find anyone in attendance, regardless of class or color, who was without a smile on his/her face.