With years of hit songs under his belt, David Byrne decided to hit the road again and bring his music to the people. The huge underground following of his solo albums is definitely a factor in the show, but it’s all about bringing out the Talking Head classics.

The stage at the Greek Theatre was almost barren except for a keyboard, a few amps, a drum kit and percussion kit. Then as the show began, Byrne took the mic and the crowd gave him a standing ovation as the rest of the band filled the stage. Everyone was wearing white.

Three very eccentric dancers also in white paraded in true Byrne fashion all over the stage as if in their own world throughout the whole set, picking up instruments and playing with various members of the band. The sound was on point. Each note was heartfelt and even politically charged when Byrne spoke of change before the classic, “Once in a Lifetime.”

The show concluded with three encores and an earth-shattering version of “Burning Down the House.” Byrne proved that his music is as relevant today as it was when he and the Talking Heads were shocking America close to 30 years ago!