Metal heads and mullet heads united amidst the southern stylings of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. The band sounds appropriately like Underoath if they abandoned their Jesus screams and picked up whiskey drinking and monster trucks as a religion instead. In other words, it’s metal born and bred in a trailer park.

The crowd ate up their sludgy, heavy anthems amidst a rhythmic mosh pit of joy. Lead singer Dallas Taylor’s stage presence was almost as badass as his handlebar mustache, and the band’s three guitarists proved that the art of shredding isn’t exclusive to blenders.

Scenester grandfathers A Static Lullaby opened, though their rough sound and is-he-drunk vocals made for a lackluster performance. The band sounded terrible live, which is quite unfortunate considering its new album, Rattlesnake!, is the best of its career.

Regardless, fans on this fine evening got a heapin’ helpin’ of blaring guitars, raging vocals and an altogether fabulous time.