Remember Tony Basil’s “Hey Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey”? Substitute French for English and add a bass-heavy, synthesized house track for the background, and you’ve got Yelle. Add about a million screaming, bouncing high school students, some with glowsticks, and you’ve got a whole new language immersion program for America’s youth.

Consider Yelle’s show at the Fonda an experiment in this new paradigm. The thing is – and I am not proud to say this – somehow house sounds better in French.

Yelle, or Julie Budet, rose to fame with the YouTube popularity of her song “Short Dick Cuizi,” which dissed Cuizinier, a member of the French hip-hop group TTC, and later made it to her debut album as the hit single “Je Veux Te Voir.” The song, along with “À Cause des Garçons,” has received a lot of airplay on MTV (hence the enthusiastic teenagers), but the only good song Yelle really has going for her is “Ce Jeu,” which is upbeat, melodic, accompanied by a stylish video full of ’80s-era posing and features whistling – in short, the perfect pop song.

The rest of her arsenal is, well, what one of my friends calls “oontz-oontz” music; let’s just say it leaves much to be desired. But if you’re looking for energy in your live shows, Yelle is your girl.