It’s about time Laird Hamilton decided to impart his wisdom. Known as the Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong of pro-surfing, Hamilton’s philosophy of big waves is one of mind and body.

Force of Nature consists of everything from Hamilton’s grocery list to lessons on how to deal with fear and its negative effects. It includes extensive exercise techniques to get the body ready to handle the crush of water and the mind to accept the big plunge while staying calm.

Hamilton also includes a few healthy recipes from Giada De Laurentiis (host of the Food Network’s hit show “Everyday Italian”) like Caponata and Poisson Cru. The beautiful imagery included by artists Sylvain Cazenave, Don King and Erik Aeder add astonishing visual effects to the book.

Gerry Lopez, Rob Machado, Dave Kalama and Brett Lickle also lend their voices to the completion of the journey.

Grade: B

Force of Nature is currently available.