With the utter commercialization of most holidays, and particularly Valentine’s Day, you can expect restaurants, florists and well, everyone to stick it to you when it comes to prices. Instead of spending the evening in the presence of snooty wait-staff, other couple’s PDA or long lines, try a touch of ‘homebody romance.’

V-Day morning, leave a note or send an Evite (both free) to him or her promising a sweet treat for the two of you later that night. After work, rent a movie, romantic in nature. Some great choices are 1996’s Stealing Beauty, 2002’s Laurel Canyon or 2006’s Something New.

Stop by the supermarket and pick up your love’s favorite ice cream flavor and topping, along with some whipped cream and a jar of cherries. Cuddle up in front of the film and enjoy each other’s company while feasting on the sundaes that you’ve prepared. Add a foot massage in there somewhere, and you’ve created a holiday worth a million bucks that cost you no more than 20.

Feeling sentimental? Show your mate how much you care by snapping a photo of you together, or having a friend secretly take one instead. With so many cameras being Mac and PC-friendly, you can upload the image to your desktop and print it out to whatever size you want.

Next, go to your neighborhood discount or drug store (like Target or CVS) and buy a classy frame in a size that complements the photo you’ve printed (expect to pay between $10-$20). Arrange the photo (you may need to affix a piece of invisible tape to the back to hold the picture in place), wrap it and bestow upon your sweetie the gift of a memory. Not only will he or she appreciate the thoughtfulness of what you’ve done, it gives you the chance to relive precious moments time and time again.

Lots of girls claim that they don’t like flowers. But maybe they just haven’t been given the right blooms.

For your special someone, try an orchid from Trader Joe’s. Most locations have a floral section with gorgeous choices. These orchids are usually priced between $7.99 and $19.99 and last for up to a month. Plus, they don’t need lots of care – water them once every week or so.

Tell her that this flower represents grace, beauty and sensuality – three things that remind you of her. She’ll melt.

For lovers who are a tad bit adventurous (and open-minded), nothing screams I love you like porn. Whether your partner’s taste is muscle-clad, chocolate studs or busty MILFs, there’s some sort of visual aid dedicated to said desire.

Most skin rags range in price from $3-$6 each. Buy a stack and place them in a gift bag with a big bow on the side. Not only will your partner love how cool you are for being comfy with your sexuality, but it may just ignite a spark in the boudoir as well.

Finally, for the quirky guy or gal who wants to tell a crush he or she is special without going overboard, get back to basics. Purchase a box of Valentines (you know, the kind you gave when you were little) and present one to your cutie instead of a traditional greeting card. You can find these at any drug store starting as low at $3.99.

Everyone digs nostalgia, and this is a great way to demonstrate your individuality. You’ll score extra brownie points by pairing it with a box of candy hearts, or a tasty cupcake from the grocery store bakery. $10 to say, “thinking of you?” Absolutely!