Tired? Cranky? Stressed out? Someone needs a vaycay … In a perfect world, we could all wander off to parts unknown at the slightest provocation, but in this one, many of us stay put due to responsibilities, lack of imagination and that pesky negative cash flow issue.

However, you don’t have to fester and rot in your bedroom any longer. Yes, even you can enjoy a stylish and cool vacation that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Just a quick drive through the desert is the kitschy Rendezvous Bed and Breakfastin Palm Springs (1420 North Indian Canyon Drive) . Each room is decorated 1950s-style for all you hep cats out there who wish to kick it like Elvis, Marilyn or James Dean.

No detail is spared, either. From window treatments to bed spreads to the swimming pool outside, you’ll be blown away by the amenities, atmosphere and overall camp. Rendezvous also offers great extras like breakfast in bed and on-location massage for an additional fee.

Still not convinced? Well, maybe the room rates will bowl you over. A fun-filled weekend stay – depending on which room you choose – can start as low as $190. The only place you’ll find a deal like that in most cities is at one of those sleazy pay-by-the-hour crack dens with crime tape and Pickles, the friendly neighborhood wino, lining the lobby.

San Francisco has long been called “The New York of the West Coast.” That statement couldn’t be truer. This fabulous port city is an excellent vacation locale due to its incredible mass transit system and close proximity to the city of Angels.

If you drive, SF is a straight shot up the 5 Freeway. But if you choose to fly, many airlines will carry you there for roughly $100 (round trip) and some for as low as $70 RT (Southwest airlines has non-stop service from LAX and Burbank airport.). Land in nearby Oakland for even bigger savings.

A great place to stay when in town is the Opal Hotel (1050 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco). This boutique hotel sits in the heart of downtown and is located near great shopping and world-renowned restaurants. What’s more, you can get a quaint room here starting as low at $55 per night. The staff is amazing, and they’ll even throw in a well-stocked continental breakfast for you before you head off to such tourist attractions as the Golden Gate Bridge and Ghirardelli Square.

If leaving Los Angeles isn’t really an option, why not take a stay-cation? Stars do it all the time. They check themselves into posh spots like the Chateau Marmont, the Four Seasons or Mondrian, turn off their cell phones and allow the crazy world to revolve without them. Since five-star accommodations are a bit out of your price range, opt for a getaway at the fun and always affordable Orbit Hotel and Hostel (7950 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles).

Situated amongst one of the trendiest shopping meccas in the country, this inn has an awesome space-age theme to it. The rooms are also nicely sized.

Now, before you get up in a huff about having to share a bunk with a skanky hippie from Brazil/Amsterdam/Canada/Colorado, cool your jets. The Orbit has plenty of single rooms to go around that range in price from $75-$100 per night.

Check yourself in for the weekend and catch up on your rest, or take a walkabout with all the cool students and international travelers passing through. Who knows … you might just make a new friend in the process.