With a band name that is said to mean “playful sex,” it is clear that Asobi Seksu’s intent was pure sonic pleasure. While the sound they have beautifully mastered is by no means novel, Asobi Seksu are shoegaze experts.

Throughout their 13-song set, the Troubadour vibrated with a pure bliss of layers filled with walls of guitars and a barely comprehensible sound of soaring vocals. The pulsating red and blue lights of the venue seemed to magnify the intensity of the band members’ snarling, focused playing.

The only thing as beautiful as getting to see Asobi Seksu perform songs from both their critically acclaimed Citrus as well as their newest release Hush was watching Yuki Chikudate perform. Her vocals felt as though they ascended up past all the instrumental noise to heavenly heights.

Turns out, Chikudate’s voice is as delicate as her persona is tough. For the closing number “Red Sea” she hopped on the drums and rocked out.