Dan Auerbach began the last show of his first stint to promote his solo debut, Keep It Hid, with the lead track from the album: the somber yet rousing “Trouble Weighs a Ton.” It was a new experience for the Black Keys fans, seeing the frontman surrounded by a slew of musicians, rather than just by Patrick Carney. Backed by openers Hacienda and My Morning Jacket drummer Patrick Hallahan on percussion, it was evident that Auerbach was utterly elated to be playing his songs with a full band behind him.

What makes Auerbach so significant to our current musical landscape is his ability to evoke copious amounts of passion from the audience. Whether it’s getting their blood pumping with the sonic explosions of “I Want Some More” and “My Last Mistake,” causing tears to well up in their eyes with “When the Night Comes,” “Whispered Words” or “Goin’ Home” or reminding them of eras gone by with the sultry blues of “Keep It Hid” and “Real Desire.” His engaging vocals and fierce guitar licks seduce you into another world.