When the going gets tough, the tough eat ice cream. At least, I do. I’ve used ice cream to anesthetize everything from heartbreak, to unrequited love, to fights with friends. I’ve also had some awesome celebrations over a pint of my favorite flavor (dulce de leche anyone?).

As a military brat living in Germany, I was able to enjoy the flavors of Deutschland as well as neighboring European countries while traveling with my mom and dad. I enjoyed gelato on the streets of Venice, Italy while most of my playmates were eating paste in our kindergarten class. This frozen treat has been my BFF for a great many years now.

Since the economy is super depressed at the moment, why not lick your wounds (and your favorite flavor) at the same time? After all, ice cream will never be too pricey to enjoy.

Los Angeles has a number of cool mom and pop-style places to get a quick, inexpensive pick-me-up. One of my personal favorites is Mashti Malone’s (1525 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles). This shop is part Bollywood, part sprightly Irish and 100 percent delish!

While you’ll find tasty standards like chocolate and vanilla, you’ll also marvel at the outstanding exotic offerings as well. Saffron and Rosewater scoops don’t come standard on any old ice cream menu. However, they’re refreshing and a perfect anytime treat at this Hollywood staple.

An obvious choice in which to get one’s fix on all things moo-related is Milk (7290 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles). Located just a stone’s throw from the Grove, Milk is a throwback to all the old-timey diners from the 1950s that offered dreamy ice box treats to make any junk food junkie “wanna slap his mama.”

The sundaes are always fun; Milk makes its waffle cones from scratch (many are in the $5 range for a very generous serving). While I’m not personally a huge fan of vanilla, theirs is incredible and great smothered in hot fudge. With other flavors like coffee toffee and banana dulce de leche almond, you’ll be begging the summer sun to shine as brightly as possible – just to have an excuse to get dessert.

For all you west siders, there’s Charlie Temmel (1313 Ocean Front Walk #5, Venice). The beach and ice cream go together like bikinis and fake boobs. Explore your favorite fruit flavors by taking home one of this chic shop’s low-priced pints. You’ll never be the same after that first spoonful.

Another place very near and dear to my heart is Caffe Primo (8590 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles). When I lived on Holloway Drive, I used to walk here and get one of EVERYTHING.

This hip little stop has great everything. Cool down with smooth and rich flavors of the finest gelato in this city. Then, counteract your massive brain freeze with a cup of espresso or your favorite tea. This is the perfect place to enjoy heaven in a cup while watching the people walk by.

Finally, for those who have a lot of shopping to do, why not kill two birds with one stone by visiting famous Bennett’s Ice Cream at the Farmer’s Market (6333 W. Third St., Los Angeles). This mainstay has dazzled with its fresh and stellar green tea ice cream as well as Cabernet sorbet. No matter what your palate dictates, Bennett’s has a taste and flavor that will melt your heart without burning a hole in your wallet.