I attend a good amount of events each week: shows at the Echoplex, parties in West Hollywood, dates with dudes I hardly know (JK). These are the kinds of situations that you always want to look nice for, without coming out of a lot of money in the process.

I’ve invested a great deal of time and effort into perfecting my body. My wardrobe is in a satisfactory place, but with cool clothes and shoes, you’ve got to rock good hair. Here are some awesome places for keeping your ’do in check for those wild and crazy party nights.

Want a designer cut without having to pay designer prices? Well, never fear … Vidal is here. I learned about the Vidal Sassoon Academy (sassoon.com) from two girls I met while working at Urban Outfitters. They always had these amazing mod haircuts that looked like absolute perfection no matter what.

You’ll get expert styling at a fraction of the cost by men and women who have chosen to learn from the best. Cuts run roughly $25 for non-students and $10 with student ID. Just note: You may be in that chair for a while because there is still quite the learning curve for these badass hair jockeys.

Many neighborhood salons are also offering great deals these days. New Image Cuts (6342 San Fernando Rd., Glendale) has an $8 trim that is stylish and clean. The salon itself is nice and always has an inviting atmosphere.

Sure, you may have a certain level of snobbery about hairstyling done at Supercuts prices. However, mom and pop salons will value your business and work hard to keep you coming back. New Image is no exception.

If you’re a fashionable lady looking to add a little “oomph” to your style, you can do so by taking a trip to Sally Beauty Supply (sallybeauty.com). This is the coiff-junkie’s mothership. You can find everything from relaxers to dyes to accessories to blow dryers.

What’s best about this chain’s inventory is that you can also add length and fullness by picking up your very own set of hair extensions. Sally sells both clip-on styles for everyday use or the old school glue-in variety. Depending on length (extensions are sold in eight-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 18-inch bags), you can expect to pay $10-$80 per package (so price accordingly).

With very little effort, you’ve taken your look from drab to fab, providing a glimpse of the new you at that special occasion or on date night. And you’ve done so at half the cost that some of the Beverly Hills salons charge their customers.

Finally, if you’re looking for healthy hair, while paying respect to your body, mind and spirit, then try a relaxing scalp massage. Magic fingers caressing your head is a feeling like no other. Many salons provide this technique as an add-on to other services such as a deep-conditioning treatment. Salon Mix (3174 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles) offers a $20 for 20 minutes massage for its clients.

However, if you’re weirded-out by strangers’ hands all up on your cranium, then bring this soothing treatment home. The Malibu Dandruff/Eczema Weekly Scalp Massage is available online. This product is designed to exfoliate the skin on the top of your head, creating a healthy canvas for new hair to grow. The tingling sensation against your skin married with the deep rubbing action of your fingers (or your friend’s, if that’s how you roll) will leave you catatonic yet blissed-out. This treatment retails for roughly $50.