One of my favorite new shows this season is NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” You’ve got to love a motley crew of city workers looking to beautify their surrounding areas. Besides, the park is always a much safer bet than the beach because it has trees and lush greenery as well as plenty of cool, open space in which to play – as opposed to smelly seaweed, bacteria-laden waters and other assorted, skanky goodies.

Lucky for me, Los Angeles is home to a series of really incredible parks that are not only clean, but also 100 percent CoPro (that’s community property, bitches!).

Robert E. Lundigan Park (2701 Thornton Ave., Burbank) is a great place to kick it like you’re “this many” again. Although this outdoors area is tiny, it’s filled with all the rad playground equipment you enjoyed while you were young. Take it from me: It’s super fun (and good cardio) to swing and play on the monkey bars while your more serious friends wig out over adult problems like rent and relationships.

Los Angeles’ answer to Central Park is certainly Griffith Park (4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles). There is no shortage of fun to be had here. I recently moved to an area adjacent to this wonderland, and I’m still discovering fun stuff to do. If you’re an animal lover, you can ride horses here or check out the world-famous Los Angeles Zoo. Or take a walkabout among the trees or the hiking trails. Travel all the way up to the top of the road and spend the day at the Griffith Observatory, which is better than ever following extensive renovations. You could spend the entire day in nature and beyond for well under $20, depending on your interests.

Now for anyone who was a fan of the 2003 hit Lost in Translation, have I got the park for you. A quick trek over to Glendale will put you on the grounds of the “Shoseian” Whispering Pine Teahouse & Friendship Garden (1601 West Mountain St., Glendale). Open every first and third Sunday of the month (by reservation only), this place will allow you to harness your chi while ridding yourself of painful sha (translation: relax and unwind). Grab a group of your besties for a day of catching up and reflection. Just remember: Respect for nature is respect for oneself, so don’t go running around the place like you have no home training.

A park of a slightly different nature is the Barnsdall Art Park (4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles). It technically offers more recreation than outdoorsy fun, but hey, it’s all good. Barnsdall is part historical funhouse (architect Frank Lloyd Wright put his personal stamp on the Hollyhock house when he designed it in the 1920s), part arts and crafts heaven. Children and adults can enjoy a number of awesome classes and activities geared toward expanding one’s aesthetic horizons. They’ve got onsite galleries for the art lover in you and excellent views from atop Olive Hill.

But perhaps one of the coolest places to visit is Poinsettia Recreation Center (7341 Willoughby Ave., Los Angeles). I used to teach at a nearby elementary school, and a lot of my students would chill here after classes. Sure, it’s got lots of fun stuff for the kids like cheerleading classes, pre-school and tap dance. But for older peeps, there are tennis courts and even basketball hoops to perfect that non-existent jump shot. Centrally located in West Hollywood, this one’s a great find for the entire town.