Following his performance at Coachella, Paolo Nutini played an intimate showcase luncheon at the Viper Room to debut his upcoming release, Sunny Side Up. The venue and his label (Atlantic) supplied the open bar and luncheon, however, it didn’t matter how drunk they got the guests, the music was phenomenal.

By the first song, enough honest sweat was flowing out of Nutini’s pores to mean he would not be letting up anytime soon – he’d done this before. Nutini has got the same Jonny Lang-elated, scathing rasp and quiver, mixed with Jeff Buckley moans and lingering “oohs” during the sultry ballads that were to die for.

The timelessness of his music would throw a smile across anyone’s face and a chill down their spine as his boyish sincerity dabbled in Motown and blues, reggae and barbershop bebop. As he picked up what appeared to be a watered down whiskey, smiling, he said, “It’s the first one I’ve done of these things where everybody’s listening.” Not because he’s not extraordinary, but because he can be seen most often playing at big music halls, bigger concert venues and music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo.

His giddy Scottish accent would sometimes sound more like a thick island one. It was adorable.

In fact, all but one of the six-piece band is from Scotland. His 2007 record, These Streets, went platinum in the UK and sold about two million copies. Nutini played the single off of These Streets, “New Shoes,” which he is most notably known for. He showed no deficit of talent and no elevated ego.

Keep an eye on Paolo Nutini and await the June 2 release of his Sunny Side Up.