East meets West in a splendid merger at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant. Though we often visit this restaurant in Westchester at the Howard Hughes Center, other Kabuki locations are in Burbank, Cerritos, Hollywood, Old Pasadena, New Pasadena, Woodland Hills and Rancho Cucamonga.

Subarashi (Wonderful) is the best way to describe this feast of flavors and cultures at Kabuki. Gourmet Asian cuisine is at the peak of Epicurean demand at this contemporary, open-spaced restaurant that infuses traditional Japanese customs and etiquette with each meal.

Kabuki’s goal is to please customers with value, quality, service and atmosphere. With close to 200 items on the innovative menu, there is an abundance of enticing, healthy choices for every palette. There is a regular menu, but they also have a more elite, gourmet fusion menu. Let your imagination soar when you order.

Kabuki started the trend of half-price sushi. Sushi is offered half-price when you order two orders of sushi per person at lunch or three orders per person at dinner. This in itself is worth the trip! The regular sushi is delicious, but we suggest you also try the specialty sushi.

Start your meal with edamame, cooked green soybeans, and sunomono, pickled cucumbers and bean sprouts. These are designed to whet your appetite and lighten your taste buds.

One of our favorite salads, among many, is the Spring Mix Salad with five types of vegetables topped with an incredible sesame ginger dressing. Perhaps the Octopus Salad or Seaweed Salad is on the ticket for your pleasure?

For something unique, try the Firecracker appetizer, sort of Japanese food meets nachos – what flavors! They make their own special sauces every day. Or sample the Dynamite, made with sautéed clams, scallops, mushrooms and vegetables.

One dish we tried was the enormous Dream Boat, which is served for two at $17.95 per person. It’s spectacular looking and could easily feed four people. Maureen’s favorite was the fabulous Lobster Roll and Alaskan Roll. All of the fish is super fresh.

Kabuki is truly a first class restaurant. The staff is impeccably trained and intent on making sure customers have a superior experience. With the restaurant revamping its menu every year, come back often and bring friends so you can try a diverse number of dishes. Open every day for lunch and dinner; on weekends, it’s best to call for reservations. Prices are exceedingly reasonable.

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant is open Mon-Thurs. 11 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-11 p.m. and Sun. 11 a.m.-10 p.m. For locations and more information, visit www.kabukirestaurants.com.