Technology changes people. It changes their lives. It changes their living standards. It changes their outlook on the world.

This is especially true in my case.

I was driving on the 101 South, in the process of dialing. Suddenly, the screen of my iPhone (8 GB), which I purchased in December of 2007, turned white, then black; and it never turned on again. I had hoped that this would be a temporary thing, but it was not.

I sought technical support from Apple for nearly three hours, then I visited an actual Apple Store, and I still could not find a cure for my dilemma. In brief, I was advised to purchase a new iPhone, and, with this wonderful economy, the instant answer to that suggestion became a colossal N-O.

Of late, I have been using a mobile I had stored since 2005.

My life without the iPhone is simply not the same. It has postponed all the excitement I engaged in with all of its features, applications, etc.

The biggest setback I experienced when my ex-iPhone shutdown was losing my 280 contacts. Thus far, I have recuperated only 81. I have a long way to go.

But there are other things I lack without the iPhone. I can no longer check my Lakers and Dodgers scores when I am in the classroom and/or away from my TV set. I can no longer text as fast or as often as I used to. I can no longer check my e-mail rapidly. I can no longer search the local weather conditions, listen to my iPod music, watch YouTube videos and visit other sites.

One of the emotional distresses I have suffered is not being able to see the photos of Isela (the love of my life, but she does not know of it nor me yet) I had stored in the iPhone. It has been devastating, but I am glad I saved them on my laptop.

Other applications I cannot access are AIM, Facebook, BofA online, MapQuest, stock market, universal clock and my upcoming calendar events. This is annoying.

The iPhone changed me. It changed my life. It changed my living standards. It changed my outlook on the world. It made me feel secured, loved, entertained, strong and sexy (sometimes).

I will soon purchase another one.