Oh, hell … it’s summer time, babies. Know what that means? You now have days (not months, but days) to rid your badonkadonk of all those wintertime comfort snacks you’ve hammered on at restaurants, diners and cafes. But don’t freak out – you’re not alone.

In tough times, people usually turn to food and booze for solace and companionship. However, there’s a new sheriff in town. It’s called the swimsuit.

You want to create a hospitable environment for your summer wardrobe, don’t you? Sure you do! Here’s how you can do just that without breaking the bank.

CompetitiveEdgeProducts.com is a great place to get your fitness going at a fraction of the cost. They sell awesome home workout equipment for peanuts. I recently purchased a cute little stair stepper with resistance bands for $51.99. Now, I just slap on some Passion Pit and climb my way to tinier thighs. You can also grab this handy apparatus and take it outside for a refreshing backyard workout.

If the great outdoors is more your speed, try rollerblading on the beach. Sure, it's so 1997, but what the hell! It’s a great way to infuse some cardio into your life.

Also loads of fun? Skating at your local rink. Every time I drive through Glendale, I happen to see the Moonlight Rollerway (5110 San Fernando Rd., Glendale). Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale recently took little Kingston here to get his skate on. It’s so amusing watching the older people pop and lock in their old school wheels while watching the younger people zoom past them. It’s a strange metaphor for life. Seriously, the music is fun and the vibe is cool. If you go on a weeknight, there are also fewer kids to get in your way, which is even better. Admission to the rink is roughly $7 to $10.50, depending on whether you rent skates or not.

There are a few surprise ways to shed pounds without resorting to unhealthy means. Growing in popularity on the East Coast and slowly making its way West is dog-walking. Yup. For an individual weighing in at roughly 150 lbs. (give or take), an hour spent with man’s best friend can burn approximately 200 calories. Do that several times a week and you’ve burned off half a day’s calories, assuming your intake is between 2,000 and 2,500.

For all my rugged brothers and sisters, there’s the modern marvel of Los Angeles: Runyon Canyon. Every time I turn around, someone’s asking me to join them for a hike here. Although I have yet to go, I hear good things. A couple of my good friends slap on their best cross-trainers and hit the trails like clockwork every Sunday. And they do so with fabulous results: My female buddy ran the New York City Marathon last year, and my guy friend is set to tackle the Los Angeles Marathon.

One fantastic calorie-burner is something that I would have never thought of myself, and that’s pedal boating. Echo Park Lake is one of the prettiest places in all of Los Angeles. In the summertime with the lotus blossoms floating in the water, you couldn’t imagine better scenery. You can engage in this fun and leisurely activity from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday only (323-640-6449). And the cost is incredibly low: $7 will get you a half-hour on a boat; $10 will get you an hour. Just remember, patrons arriving after 4 p.m. will only be allowed use for 1/2 hour, so try to arrive early if you want to break a sweat.

Whenever I think of nature and sport, my friend, Andy, comes to mind. When we were in high school, dude was obsessed with playing Frisbee. Now, he’s the father of three kids, but there’s no doubt in my mind he won’t pass along his love of this game to each of them. Frisbees are super inexpensive to purchase. I’ve found them everywhere from the 99¢ Only Store to CVS Drug Store for a dollar. But the health and fitness benefits of tossing one of these bad boys around are unbelievable. A person can burn approximately 200 calories (depending on weight) per hour. Not only are you getting great cardio from running and catching, but you’re likely to build up your stamina as well.

If you’re a vertically advantaged person, why not take to the beach and challenge other Gigantors to a rousing game of beach volleyball? This sport is a real surprise: Not only is it a ton of fun, but playing an hour-long game can shave a whopping 500-plus calories off the average diet. The sand causes the muscles to work a bit harder to land those spikes and serves. The advantage to this game is that it’s a highly social experience as well, so you’re likely to make good friends in the process.

Still, with all these fun and exciting ways to slim down, some of the best exercise regimens are the ones that require the least amount of effort. Coming in as my all-time favorite way to stay skinny in the summer is … (drum roll, please) SEX (safe sex, of course)! That’s right – good old-fashioned loving. Grab your partner and take to the sheets. An hour-long roll in the hay (with moderate effort) can burn anywhere between 100-200 calories. You’ll also be targeting those problem areas like inner thighs and abs. Remember the more you do it, the more weight you’ll lose.