Not even the Lakers playoff game could keep Angelenos from attending Operation Aloha’s performance Tuesday. The band whose members hail from other bands (Gomez, Maroon 5, Phantom Planet, All Spots to Black and the Khan Brothers) did not disappoint the crowd with a set of relaxing melodies generated by the nearly a dozen people on stage.

Photographer Christopher Wray-McCann brought them all together to see what a crucible of talented musicians could cook up while living in Hawaii for a month. The resulting sound has a distinctly Polynesian flavor. With the exception of one song, there was nothing aggressive through the set, and the instrumentation included ukulele, slide guitar, a machete and I think I tasted some Spam musubi.

The crowd was predominantly women with a few members of contributing bands and a couple of guys who had at least 20 years on anybody else in the venue along with their overjoyed attitude that seemed more appropriate for a Jimmy Buffet concert than a night at the Troubadour. But I guess feeling good and letting loose is part of the whole island vibe.