How fast the day goes when you know you will be dining that evening at Buggy Whip, Westchester. At Buggy Whip, you will be indulged at a marvelous classic restaurant, where ambiance, tradition, soft lighting and incredible food add up to make you feel that life is treating you the way you so deserve.

For 53 years, this outstanding, enduring icon has made its home on La Tijera Boulevard, and since 1977 compelling owner/master chef/general manager Paul Darricarrere has ardently been at the helm working alongside his clever, vivacious wife Ilze. Side by side, their only wish is to see you smiling while dining and fulfilled when you leave.

Before we introduce you to Buggy Whip’s amazing food, it is only fitting to tell you about a few of their zillion awards. Just recently they were recipients of the Distinguished Southern California Restaurant Writers Association Gold Award of Merit for Excellence in the Continental Cuisine category. They also received the prestigious Herb Baus/Don Smith Merit of Distinction Award. Of late, Los Angeles Magazine’s best of L.A. issue rated Buggy Whip in its top 100 places, ranking it as the best place for steak in Los Angeles.

To set the record straight, their steaks are man-sized slabs from the best grain-fed steer, aged to perfection for many weeks. Prime rib, aka Roast’d Beef Au Jus, is a massive block of the most tender and juicy cut of meat. Sorry, no dainty portions here.

Buggy Whip is also renowned for its giant Florida stone crab claws with celebrated mustard sauce, giant lobster tails, famous cioppino (fisherman’s stew) and so much more.

Large salads, wonderful soups and an amazing staff make sure you are sated and satisfied. How often do waiters spin your salad at the table or dress your baked potato with all the fixings right in front of you?

When one’s eyes glaze over from so much delicious food, find just a little more room for the heavenly desserts, coffees and after dinner drinks. Hey, we want you to prolong the experience.

Plus, there’s more. Not only are there world class wines and a full bar, but sit in the lounge for dinner (our favorite spot) where, Wednesday through Saturday, Peter Wagner creates magic on his piano, playing and singing songs from many generations and genres. Wagner adds that special touch of class to an already full-of-cachet experience.

In ever-changing Los Angeles, you can always count on Buggy Whip. Open daily for dinner, weekdays for lunch. Live music is held Wednesday through Saturday, 7 to 10 or 11 p.m.

Buggy Whip is located at 7420 La Tijera Blvd. in Westchester, (310) 645-7131. For more information, visit