I have two friends who are new to Los Angeles. One (whom we’ll call Marcy) arrived in December. She’s five-feet-seven-inches, pretty and everyone loves her. It’s a real phenomenon, actually.

We frequently go to shows and being the super-fans we are, end up in the front row. After the performance, it’s not uncommon for us to go over to the musicians and pay our respects for a job well done. Those conversations usually go a little something like this:

Marcy: Hey, guys, great show!

Musician 1: Thanks. Yeah, I noticed you in the front row.

Marcy: Really?

Musician 2: Yeah, you’re really hot. Come hang out with us.

Boom. Done. It’s that easy.

My other friend (we’ll call her Chloe) – nearly the aesthetic equal to the first – is having a much harder time assimilating. Although she’s beautiful, she lacks the “It factor” that draws people to her.

Recently, Chloe revealed to me that she’s considering leaving Los Angeles after having lived here since October of 2008. The crappy job market, coupled with her inability to make friends has left her feeling defeated.

I’d be crushed to lose either because both are tons of fun, but I’m particularly fond of Chloe. She’s so inventive and smart and has a wicked sense of humor. I decided to give her a leg up on the L.A. scene, to help her feel more at home here. Because money is super tight for her, I found a list of things she could do to fit in, without blowing through a ton of dough.

First, since making friends has been a trial, she’d be perfect to host her own DJ night. Many clubs and bars are hurting in this foul economy as well and are desperately seeking profitable ways to get warm bodies on bar stools without having to come out of pocket on incidentals.

It might be easier to approach a lesser-known spot that still gets a good draw (think: bars in the valley and downtown). That way, the demographic you’re targeting will still show and not feel out of place once they get there.

My friend Sasha spins at Footsies. My friend Thomas is a DJ at Beauty Bar. They know what time it is…

Now, it’s time to work on the exterior. Let’s face it: Los Angeles is a shallow town. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to be judged by the clothes on your back.

Shopping is key but doesn’t have to be pricey. Take Hollywood Boulevard (from Vine Street to Highland Avenue). The latest styles are bought (by merchants) at tragically low, wholesale prices that allow them to pass the savings along to the public (I’ve found great items for under $20.). Guys and girls will be able to pick up cool shoes, shirts, pants and anything else for the perfect look.

Thrift stores like Goodwill (goodwill.org) are also smart choices. Unclear about what’s stylish? Snag a fashion rag like Nylon or Details and copy outfits that you like. Here’s another hint: Hippy-chic is back in.

Finally, if negative cashflow has you vexed, get resourceful. Donate blood or plasma. A quick Internet search will unearth a list of blood banks that will pay for your DNA.

Have a car with no money to drive it? Get it wrapped. Paidride.com is an awesome resource; for $14.95 you’ll get a directory of companies looking to advertise all over your hooptie. I had a neighbor who makes $700 a month driving his wrapped SUV. I might not want McDonald’s golden arches on my Mazda 3, but if it meant the difference between making rent or not, I think I could easily swallow my pride.