Acidic? Quite the Opposite!

Acidic is a good band with a lot of energy. They are professionals with a clean style who are able to achieve an energetic stage presence while still appearing like three very approachable guys.

Also worth noting, in a town of creative flakes, these young artists seem to have things pretty well worked out. Their songs are crisp and each performer is comfortable enough with each song that they’re able to have fun on stage. If every act in Hollywood were like that … well, one can only dream.

I guess the only real problem I have with Acidic is their name. Only because their solid rock songs and jovial, happy stage demeanor left me feeling cheerful and optimistic.

Bassist and background vocalist Ted Dubrawski – who jumps and hops on stage like a wild man – is very fun to watch.

I have heard Acidic be compared to Green Day more than once. If I could let my personal bias seep through for one second: Acidic’s music has much more promise than Green Day’s, and I hope people let them blaze their own trail.