In light of the recent death of Jasmine Fiore, I would like to give some red flags to look for when you begin dating someone.

Many people are saying that Ryan Jenkins was a nice guy and never showed signs of being capable of the heinous act he committed. I disagree. The most obvious red flag would be the fact that he would be willing to get married only a few days after meeting Fiore. This is actually a black flag.

Unfortunately, many women would be flattered that a guy wants to get married right away. They think it’s because he’s so in love.

The truth is that most guys are not in a rush to get married. A guy who is willing to do so is impulsive and acting from emotion rather than logic.

He does what he feels like doing in the moment, without stopping to think of the consequences. This is why he was able to commit murder.

A guy moving too quickly is always a bad sign. If a guy you just met is calling five times a day and texting 10 times a day, it’s not a compliment. Be concerned.

Inappropriate or excessive anger is another red flag, especially in the first few months of courtship. This is usually when everyone shows their best side and lets many things slide in order to appear cool and easygoing. You have to wonder about someone who is willing to remove his social mask so quickly and show you his negative side.

Once again, this has to do with poor impulse control and little to no self-control. Run, don’t walk away from this type of person.

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