A drunk bunny hits the stage, and the crowd goes nuts. The oversized hare sports a Green Day tee and two bottles of beer; the show begins.

In typical Green Day fashion, the band made an entrance. Starting at the rear of the venue, Billie Joe Armstrong walked through the crowd, then grabbed the mic and went into a fit of inspiration: “This is why you’re here. NO sitting down! This is your life. Do what you want with it. Screw what everybody else thinks. They will tell you how they want you to be. Screw that! Get up!”

This was the first of many tirades against the conformity of pop culture and society that Green Day has so adamantly spoke out against throughout their career. Each vent session was equally matched by the music. The band has never sounded better … or louder.

Tré Cool and Armstrong have a unique chemistry that gives way to a genuine sound. The harmonization of the two takes the pop punk feel to a new level.

The band invited fans to come up on the extended catwalk and stage dive. In addition, Armstrong headed out to the parking lot at the end of the show to sit and hang out with fans and sign autographs. Green Day proved once again that they are doing it right in the music biz: no attitude and making it all about the music and fans.