Hi Lucia,

What’s with all the beautiful women on MySpace and Facebook being single? Nine times out of 10 they say they are single just because they don’t have a title with someone, but they either have a special interest, a booty call, friend with benefits or a sugar daddy.


Hi Corey,

“Beautiful people” always have members of the opposite sex (or same sex) buzzing around them. If they list themselves as single, it’s because they are waiting for someone better to come along before they commit themselves to changing their status to “in a relationship.” Buyer, beware!

Hey Lucia,

I’m 20 and engaged to my girlfriend who is 29 and an exotic dancer. I am getting paranoid that she can’t handle herself and men will take advantage of her at her workplace. I think she will let these guys get what they really want as opposed to a lap dance.

She said her work is a power trip because she makes loads of money without giving these men what they want. She enjoys frustrating men and then coming home and rocking my world.

Can I trust that she will stay faithful and won’t give these men power over her? Should I be wary because of her profession and the men who constantly proposition her for “work” outside the club? She claims she would never do that because it defeats the purpose of being an exotic dancer.


Hi Jimmy,

All your questions are valid, however, I’m not going to answer them for one simple reason: You’re too young to be getting married. Marriage is for grown-ups, and you are barely out of your teens. If you had the maturity you need to have a successful marriage, you would already know this is not a woman who is ready to be a wife. If you get married, I can promise you it will be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

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