Are you in a band but don’t have the money to spend on renting a decent recording studio or purchasing your own mics? Well, good news! Finally, there’s a new set of affordable pro-sumer products from Blue Microphones.

The new lines from these pioneers of accessible, high quality microphones for home use will help you turn your living room (or basement or bedroom or … well, you get the picture) into a space ready for high fidelity recording.

First, there’s the higher end enCORE line. More on the studio end of the user spectrum, these mics come in three different quality levels, but even the top of the line vocal recording mic (the Blue enCORE 300) will only run you about $200.

Into making YouTube videos? It’s never been easier to record the best sound without major editing with the second generation of Blue Microphone’s Eyeball, a microphone that records CD quality audio with a 2.0 megapixel webcam attached. But the best part? It all works with just a USB cable. Oh yeah, and it costs less than $100 at most retailers.

But most exciting of all is their pocket-sized Mikey. This affordable mic (only about $80 at most retailers) plugs into your iPod or iPhone and records both vocal and instrumental music with incredible quality and directionality. It may not look like something for the serious musician, but believe me, this little device packs quite a punch. Add that to the forthcoming app that lets you set markers while recording and you’ve got yourself a winner for recording both your band and your biology lecture.