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Title Headline Issue Year
Use social media to become an influencer in your field. Here's how to do it: 2023
Logan Paul is fighting Dillon Danis. Why is Paul's fiancee, Nina Agdal, suing Danis?: 2023
Thousands of Reddit communities go dark to protest new data fees : 2023
What is a ‘borg’? College drinking TikTok trend is ‘very concerning,’ can lead to alcohol poisoning: 2023
What is a ‘borg’? College drinking TikTok trend is ‘very concerning,’ can lead to alcohol poisoning: 2023
Read this before you post your location on social media: 2022
Read this story on Gen Z trends or don’t. Either way, the intern writing this gets paid.: 2022
Citing a mental health crisis among young people, California lawmakers target social media: 2022
11 defining moments in Jack Dorsey’s rise and fall at Twitter: 2021
Instagram selfies suggest these cities are among unhappiest in US for homebuyers: 2021
Those just-for-fun Facebook quizzes? Identity thieves might like them, too: 2021
‘Devious Licks,’ the latest trend troubling TikTok, has been banned from platform: 2021
Can virtual socializing apps outlast the pandemic?: 2021
This Chicago TikTok Star Built His Following on Videos about Millennial Work-From-Home Culture: 2021
YouTube Shorts is taking on TikTok and minting a new constellation of concise video stars: 2021
Lawsuit against Snap over teen's suicide could test platform protections: 2021
Meet Mr. Barricade, the Bay Area's most unlikely Tik Tok star and 'new urbanist' influencer: 2021
6 strategies for cooling it down on social media: 2021
'I am a white girl,' Hilaria Baldwin responds to doubts about Spanish heritage: 2020
Susan Orlean takes us behind her drunken Twitter whirlwind — and the wild responses: 2020
‘TikTok seems too good to be true.’ Internet experts say there are reasons for users to worry: 2020
How six millennial siblings in Carlsbad built a multimillion-dollar social media business: 2019
Chasing ‘likes’ on Instagram, hikers break limbs — and need rescuing: 2018
Not a social media influencer? You can still get paid: 2018
Here’s what’s right and wrong about quitting social media: 2016
Why Trump can’t tell the difference between a Twitter war and a presidential campaign: 2016
Picture perfect: Social media galleries might hold clues to a happier future: 2015
Despite their numbers, online relationships can't replace personal contact: 2015