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theburiedlife wrote about Film Screenings:
I stopped going to these screenings because of this stuff. Its amazing how low people will go and how badly they will behave just to see a movie early and for free. This used to be a great, fun experience. Now its just not worth it. I'll pay the $8-$12 to see a movie or I'll try to go to other movie events through other sources. I love Campus Circle and want to thank them for all of the movies I have seen thanks to them since 2005, but they are not able to handle the masses of idotic jerks who attend and have no sense of decency (i.e. them and 20 of their closest friends cut in line with one guy who was in line before 6pm).
Posted: 3:05pm | 4/26/2012

theburiedlife wrote about the Invictus OC Film Screening:
I enjoyed this film. While the acting was not academy award caliber or anything like that, the things that Manedela says are very insightful, and by the end the movie it is hard not to feel as if you too are a South African. It also made me want to go see a real rugby match. Morgan Freeman is as always a pleasure to watch as is Matt Damon.
Posted: 11:55am | 12/9/2009

theburiedlife wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you so much for the OCF screening of Funny People. Its still so great that myself and some of my friends get to go to all of these free movies. Thanks Sean and all the other CC ppl or affiliates that make these screenings happen.
Posted: 10:18pm | 8/2/2009

theburiedlife wrote about the Funny People OC Film Screening:
This movie was an interesting look at life behind the scenes for famous people. It was good but not great like some of Sandlers other foreys into the Dramady genre. I liked Click as far as overall, but this was darker and real. There were just a lot of moments where it was hard to watch because it wasn't funny or it was just plain bad decisions, but maybe that was the point. It was a tad too long. Overall I'd say B-.
Posted: 11:42am | 7/31/2009

theburiedlife wrote about the Julie & Julia Film Screening:
I signed up for this because my friend wanted to see this. I came in with low expectations being that I'm not a huge Amy Adams fan, but I left the screening feeling glad that I had gone to see this anyway because it was a very funny and interesting movie. I have a newfound love of Julia Childs. Meryl Streep can pretty much take on any role and do a fantastic job.
Posted: 9:48am | 7/24/2009

theburiedlife wrote about the (500) Days of Summer OC Film Screening:
I really enjoyed this movie. It was sharp and funny, sad but with optimism. I really loved the music and it gave me an appreciation for LA. It was a more realistic look at love than all the rom coms out there. I would recommend this.
Posted: 8:55am | 7/10/2009

theburiedlife wrote about Film Screenings:
Sandra, considering I've been on this site since 2005, I have thanked Sean a few times through e-mail. As far as you thanking him, its only in between your idiotic rambling and crappy grammar and spelling. I know you are using a phone, but maybe you should actually wait to fulfill your need for attention (which is probably the reason you continue to go on and on about the same crap)and use a computer. For the other people like Fab and Sharan I say we should simply ignore this ignorant annoying pest and like most pests she will go away when not paid attention to, plus it will keep this board possitive, which I'm sure Sean may appreciate.... so on to better topics, now that Terminator has passed, which movie would you most like to see compliments of Campus Circle this summer?
Posted: 9:52am | 5/20/2009

theburiedlife wrote about Film Screenings:
First of all, I've thanked Sean many a time for the privilage of going to the movie, and I've never complained about not getting tickets or anything of that sort like some people on here. I was simply commenting on your lack of manners, saying things like nanie nanie na na, basically sounding like a child and typing like one as well. You are stating one minute that I need to appreciate Sean's work and then the next minute laughing cause you and your "group" are upsetting people. Just a heads up, your attitude is just as hard on him cause you took the focus away from the movie. Thank you Sean for the making it possible for me to see so many great movies before they come out. If you need help with implimenting a system I would be happy to help and I know many other people on this board would as well. I love Campus Circle <3
Posted: 11:06am | 5/19/2009

theburiedlife wrote about Film Screenings:
Wow looks like they let just about anybody into these things...seriously. What was it that Sandra W said "because like I Said my party still comeing in front with me even if I have 2 million pepole ha haha woooo ummmm umm umm nanie nanie na na LOL". Lady you sound like an idiot. Your million friends and yourself are the problem with some of these screenings, and as far as paying for a movie, I have no problem doing that, but I do have a problem with you and your non-exsitent "million" friends cutting in with you. Your sense of entitlement and your inability to act maturely will get you some kind of karmic push somewhere out in life. And why don't YOU stop trying to tell Campus Circle your whole life.
Posted: 8:32am | 5/19/2009