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Sabrina wrote about Film Screenings:
Can there be more Red Riding Hood screenings? I really really want to watch that movie. It seems like a better version of Twilight. Who doesn't want that?
Posted: 2:40pm | 3/3/2011

Sabrina wrote about the Take Me Home Tonight Film Screening:
THANK YOU SO MUCH CAMPUS CIRCLE. I got there about 45 minutes early and I already was sitting on the second level. It was so packed yesterday night! The movie was a lot of fun especially since all the main actors were there sitting in the audience. I enjoyed the movie as there were some really funny parts and the it didn't try to hard to be the next best teen rom-com as so many others do. I would have very much appreciated if we could get tickets to the after party too though! Some of my friends did and can I say I'm slightly depressed now.
Posted: 1:25pm | 3/3/2011

Sabrina wrote about Sweepstakes:
I think I will faint if I win tickets to see the premiere of Take Me Home Tonight!
Posted: 11:51pm | 2/24/2011

Sabrina wrote about the Hall Pass LA Film Screening:
The movie overall was pretty funny despite starting off pretty slow. They really made the characters look frumpy in the beginning especially the two male leads because I guess that's how middle-aged family men look like. There was some pretty awkward and hilarious moments that really made the movie. Thanks Campus Circle!
Posted: 11:50pm | 2/24/2011

Sabrina wrote about the I Am Number Four LA Film Screening:
The movie was great! Although it didn't have the best dialogue (meaning there was some corny lines), the movie was really fun and action-packed. The supporting characters were pretty cool and badass especially Number Six played by Teresa Palmer. I've watched some other films that Teresa Palmer is in and she is definitely the bomb. Thanks for the opportunity! And can't wait for the second film!
Posted: 10:26pm | 2/22/2011