Obsessive researcher Alfred Kinsey (portrayed here by Liam Neeson) changed the way people talked about and explored the subject of sex, and this film is every bit as unflinching as the man himself. Yet for all the images and frank talk that will pass by your eyes and through your ears, only the prudish will be challenged not to take offense.

Kinsey and his freethinking wife (Laura Linney) were sexually adventurous and all too open for their time, but they explored the subject with good intentions and in the most disarming way possible. As a result, ordinary people took notice and gave their lives a second look. After two hours with Kinsey, you might do the same.

Extras: An 83-minute presentation of the Kinsey Report in action (featuring cast and crew as the subjects), director commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, interactive questionnaire, behind-the-scenes look at the Kinsey Institute.

Also currently available: American Experience: Kinsey (PBS, NR).

DVD Grade: A-

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