Whoa boy. Where to begin? Elektra, based on the Frank Miller comic book character and ill-fated Daredevil sidekick, suffers from pretty much every problem in the manual. Important scenes – particularly fight scenes – feel incomplete and rushed, while precious time is wasted on obtuse flashback sequences and out-of-place jibber-jabber. Elektra (Jennifer Garner) has enemies, but we’re not entirely sure why. She meets a girl with a special gift (Kirsten Prout), and she goes on to steal half the film’s focus for no real reason. Elektra also falls for the girl’s father (Goran Visnjic), even though this, too, really comes out of and goes nowhere. Underdeveloped villains appear, half-fights ensue and who the heck knows what it all means. There’s at least three movies packed into Elektra, and all of them are malnourished.

Extras: Four-part "Inside the Editing Room" feature, "making-of" feature, Comic-Con presentation with Garner.

DVD Grade: D-

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