The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge is a fine-dining experience nestled in the Grove’s very European storefront district, adjacent to the Farmers Market off Fairfax Boulevard and Third Avenue. At first glance you will notice the open and airy outdoor lounge area attached to the restaurant. Upon entering, your eyes are drawn to the dimly lit and well-furnished restaurant, elegantly decorated as though from a scene in a romantic French movie.

You have the option of the romantic date-night type setting inside the restaurant or enjoying the outdoor lounge area and beating the heat. The lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a great meal after a day of shopping or visiting the nearby CBS Television City. It is the prime location for celebrity trackers to do their daily star watching, as the Grove is a haven for celebrities and celebrity types. Keep those eyes peeled for your favorite actress or actor, but not for too long because it would be a shame to miss out on what the Whisper Lounge has to offer.

There is an array of delicious small plates or starters from which to choose. The Whisper Fries are delectable, thinly sliced French fries sprinkled with parsley and sea salt. Not only do they make a great appetizer, but they also come with the main dishes. As an appetizer, the fries are accompanied with homemade dipping sauces: Black olive truffle ranch, Black pepper-blue cheese aioli or Chipotle barbecue.

The Sizzling Chili Garlic Prawns are exquisite if you are pining for flavorful seafood and want to try something exciting. They come straight from the grill in a skillet, simmering in a Spanish olive oil and grilled ciabatta concoction. Ready your taste buds for a flavorful main dish and hunker down for a meal like no other.

There are traditional courses with the Whisper Lounge’s distinct twist, for example, the Pizza Margherita with housemade mozzarella, garlic tomato sauce, basil and extra virgin olive oil, the Sesame Glazed Prime Flat Iron Steak with miso butter and sweet potato fries. The Supper Club Burger isn’t your run-of-the-mill burger; it comes with tomato, iceberg lettuce, housemade American cheese and whisper sauce. For those who shy away from beef, there is the option of a turkey patty between your bun, and additions of Applewood smoked bacon and avocado.

When you see housemade, it truly means housemade. From the cheeses, salad dressings and whisper sauce to the sorbets, shortbreads and ice cream, the Whisper Lounge’s chefs handle the daunting task of not only producing enough of these goodies, but also allotting them appropriately for both the daily lunch and dinner services.

Lest someone’s lamb burger go without the housemade Brie, it’s time to bring up the subject of Burger and a Brew. The Whisper Lounge is home to the Australian Lamb Burger, winner of Plate magazine’s national “Best Lamb Burger Challenge.” For those over 21, the Australian Lamb Burger comes as a very favorable package: housemade Brie cheese, cranberry preserves, wild arugula, roasted jalapeño aioli, accompanied by smoky sea salt fries. Each portion of this far-from-ordinary main dish compliments the other; from the natural salt flavor and smoldering smoky taste of the French fries to the cranberry’s tartness and creaminess of the Brie on a handmade lamb patty. Couple this with an artisan beer of your choice, like the local Angel City Lager from Angel City Brewing or San Francisco’s Anchor Summer. All together it’s a marvelous burger-and-fries combo that will not be outdone.

Sorbets continue the Whisper Lounge’s housemade theme. The sorbets vary by season, as do most fresh fruit products, but the sorbets here will surpass your expectations. Some restaurants boast about their housemade sorbets, but at the Whisper Lounge, there is no need to boast. Their mouthwatering sorbets and ice creams speak for themselves and blow the competition out of the water. The fruit for the sorbets comes from the Farmers Market next door. The flavors are delicious: strawberry, blackberry, boysenberry, lemon cucumber, blueberry and tangerine.

If you happen to find yourself near the Grove for any number of good (or bad) reasons, head to the Whisper Lounge. You’ll be glad you did.

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