Caviar: Not just for the rich and famous anymore.

While some foodies are born adoring it, it’s an acquired taste for others. The unique flavor coupled with an even more distinct texture – those tiny black eggs bursting with tang – add zest, zip and zing to any dish. Especially pizza. But I digress.

Petrossian Boutique & Restaurant in West Hollywood is serving up some new excitement in a glass: the Caviar-tini. This glamorous libation is made with vodka and dry vermouth with a caviar-stuffed olive, cocktail onion and a Petrossian Caviarcube (a specialty pressed caviar delicacy made exclusively by the restaurant) lying across the top of the glass.

There are a number of noshing ways you can choose to try with your cocktail. If you’re into sharing, order the Chips and Dips. Not unlike the tortilla chips and salsa that arrive at your table when you sit down at a Mexican eatery, munch on sweet and purple potato chips with caviar dip (sour cream, egg, onion chives and caviar). It’s rich and delicious and offers an ideal combination of classy and casual. Taking it to the next level of comfort food, dive into the Caviar Pizza, complete with crème fraîche, chives, capers and red onion.

Most of the menu items are made with Transmontanus caviar, which is listed as appearing like small dark beads and boasting a “nutty flavor, both smooth and robust.” Also on the menu are Alverta, Siberian and Ossetra.

One of the best things about Petrossian is that you don’t have to be an expert in the different styles. Your server is happy to better acquaint you with and help you pick the type that you’ll enjoy most.

If caviar isn’t your cup of tea, you’ve got options. Feast on salads like the Market Salad (heirloom tomato, beet, goat cheese, pistachio) or Salad Maison (organic mesclun, cherry tomato, fleur de sel, balsamic vinaigrette). Or go big with the Truffle Burger with caramelized onion and truffle cheese, Jidori Chicken Paillard (arugula salad, artichokes, roasted tomato, olives, parmesan shaving) or Steak Frites (prime hanger steak, pepper sauce, shallot confit).

I wouldn’t put it past Petrossian to experiment with caviar in their desserts, but this is one course that is surprisingly fish free. The Vanilla Panna Cotta with exotic fruit marmalade is light and cleanses the palate perfectly, and the Pistachio Crème Brûlée with macerated strawberry and hibiscus packs the sweetest punch.

While the Caviar-tini is their latest and greatest, Petrossian also prepares other cocktails too, including a Basil Gimlet, Vodka Sunrise, Cosmpolitan, Russian Cider and its signature Hibiscus Champagne, made with champagne, rhubarb syrup and an edible hibiscus flower. A selection of five vodka flutes are also available, including Linie Aquavit, Jean Marc XO, Belvedere, Russian Standard Premium and Chopin.

In addition to its world-class fare that makes you feel like a high roller, the décor is strikingly chic. Black-and-white everything makes for a serene vibe, and the wall of windows looking out at Robertson Boulevard allows for great people watching. On one side of the restaurant are tables for a more traditional eating arrangement; on the other is a café with raised tabletops and a glass counter stocked with candies, sweets and loads of goodies. There’s also outdoor seating.

For those newbies interested in getting to know the roe a bit better, the Caviar Tasting For Two offers a sampling of Petrossian’s finest caviar, hosted by one of the restaurant’s experts. Tastings are at 7:30 p.m. in West Hollywood on the first Monday of every month and cost $100. Brush up on the history of Petrossian caviar and then enjoy a prix fixe dinner.

For more information, call (310) 271-0576 or visit