To most artists Aug. 7 is just another day of the year, but for 10 MCs it’s the biggest day of their underground battle careers. Tsunami Surf is one of the 10 that will put his reputation on the line going against rapper K-Shine. Summer Madness is supposed to attract thousands of underground rapper fans from across the country. The Ultimate Rap Leagues (URL) top competitors will be going head to head in Webster Hall in New York, N.Y. There’s never been an underground battle at this level to get this much attention.

“We’re the first group of battle rappers to do this … win or lose it’s a whole other level we are on,” says Surf as he anxiously awaits for the day; to give an inside look into a rapper’s life Surf is giving Campus Circle an exclusive interview. Starting at the age of 19 Surf is perfecting his craft, because as he says, “you’re only as good as your last performance PERIOD.”

During a battle how important it is to represent your hometown?

It’s everything! That’s all that matters. For someone [from Newark, N.J.] to get this type of attention it’s a big deal. I think 90 percent is why I do it, 10 percent is the love for rap and my passion. Half is definitely for Jersey, and I got my kid and my hood. I think I earned my keep, in general I get respect …I demand respect, so it doesn’t matter where I am.

How do you remain creative and versatile?

You want to be different all the time, but at the same time you’re known for certain things. I want to come different, but you got to do what the crowd wants from you. Surf is a trademark I can’t come to not "myself".

How important is the crowd’s role during a battle?

It’s very important, take the DNA battle – they showed me no love in New York. You might feel you have no love, you might think I got killed, but close your eyes and listen to the rap. Because you have so much adrenaline you don’t take into consideration what it looks like on camera. It’s hard to control a ring full of people … trying to control 1,500 people is beyond crazy.

When battling, what’s an important asset to have?

When you actually become a battle rapper, you have to know your abilities. For me I need 40-percent aggression and 30-percent bars. If you take what I say and give it to someone else like Tech Nine it may not sound the same, my aggression is the push behind what I say. It’s a different recipe for every battler rapper.

What’s a rapper’s biggest fear?

I don’t have one because it’s battle rap, there’s no one that can tell me who I am. I don’t feel threatened; I have no fear. But if I had one, it would be to forget my words. That would be my biggest fear.

In Summer Madness what’s your advantage over K-shine? Are you ready?

I actually got bars! I think mine are way more complex, I think his bars are not predictable, but after two seconds you know what he’s talking about. When it comes to me, I get tweets till this day from people telling me “I just got this [rhyme].” I’m more complex you will have to marinate on mine. I’m ready for my battle! I’m never nervous. I couldn’t pass up performing in Webster Hall for the first time.

Besides your own, what battle are you looking forward to? When can fans see them?

I’m looking forward to the Calico versus Math Hoffa battle, and the Hit Man versus Hollow Da Don. [Depending on the] quality of battles they might be posted three to four weeks after. But the best battle will be posted last on around mid-October.

What is your ultimate goal with your music?

Everyone wants money to come; that’s everybody’s goal. I just want to be heard … there’s a story out here that not a lot of people know about, and I just want to let them know that. I want to let people know...New Jersey here, we actually exist.