Heavy metal music: born in the dungeons of rock ’n’ roll, whipped, scarred and dark.

Mariachi music: born in the hills of Mexico as light on its feet as a young girl at a fiesta.

Two muscial genres that would never meet ... until now. Imagine the creature from The Black Lagoon dating a sweet, innocent Latina Princess. Metalchi is the match.com of music that brought them together.

Warren Moscow, bitter British Rock Star and the only remaining member of the band Flesh Mass, got inspired to create a new sound when his first band met its demise. Thinking it would only take two months to gather some new musicians together to form this eclectic mix, he discovered that the specifics of what was needed proved to be a bit more complicated than what he had anticipated. Six years later Moscow finally found the right guys for the job. Metalachi was to be comprised of five Latino brothers who could speak and sing in Spanish as well as English. They had to know mariachi as well as rock ’n’ roll and have the chops to play the hell out of their instruments.

Metalachi is a comedic musical stage show with five full-time, world-class musicians. El Cucuy, the band’s trumpet player, has amassed a collection of 2,000 trumpets with the hopes of building one gigantic trumpet that would be capable of demolishing entire cities and would one day render Lady Gaga powerless. Vocalist Vega de la Rockha brings his celebrity status to the stage, smokin’ audiences away with his pipes for days. Maximilian “Dirty” Sanchez identified as a Person of Interest by Homeland Security, charms the crowds and the authorities with his violin. Poncho Rockafeller, a musical prodigy, spent most of his young life being teased for being a midget. Eventually he realized that he was not a little man, but the guittaron was just a very large instrument. Ramon Holiday wows the crowds not only with his amazing guitar riffs, but rumor has it he has a superpower to turn tequila into water. Seems he would gain more popularity if it was the other way around, but apparently he is working on that.

As hilarious as these guys are on stage, the show would not be the caliber that it is if they were not superior musicians. Audiences are blown away at how great their music is. Metalachi blends together the diverse backgrounds of the players – some coming from heavy metal, while others only knew mariachi. It’s a huge team effort to arrange the songs they perform because of both influences. There are very few out there who can do what they do in a show.

Metalachi not only play metal covers from the ’80s but have a lot of schtick and audience interaction. They also have famous guest artists show up to perform with them. Robert Sarzo (an amazing guitarist who had played with Ozzy Osbourne and later formed his own band, Hurricane) rocked the crowd with Metalachi as a special feature to the show. Rumor has it that eventually every show will have a famous special guest from a metal band. Sarzo is producing Metalachi’s next album, due out in the spring.

People usually don’t know what to expect, especially when the show starts out with band introductions and “Crotcharita.” Instead of explaining what that entails you have to see it to believe it. By the end of their set, audiences may not be sure of what they just saw, but they insist it was the most amazing thing they had ever seen. Moscow says if the audience walks out equally entertained and confused, they did their job.

Metalachi performs Oct. 19 at the Whisky, Oct. 22 at the Roxy and Oct. 25 at Skinny’s Lounge. For more information, visit metalachi.com.

Suzi Fox is a freelance writer and founder of artistfromtheattic.org an organization that offers a venue for musicians, writers, actors, artists and others to post their work for FREE for all the world to see!