It’s hard for a first-person shooter in the current market to stand out. Most FPS have similar formulas and storylines, which can easily feel repetitive. With a plot set in the near future and that encompasses a lot of what you would expect from an old action movie, “Battlefield 3” almost falls into this trap.

The game’s somewhat disappointing, and the disconnected plot leaves it with what is certainly not the best storyline, although it is packed with action. As well, the AI of the single-person mode has shown to be a bit disappointing. Campaigns are not bad but not as epic as some of “Battlefield”’s top completion, such as “Call of Duty.” Though heartbreaking, the lacking single-player is OK because, truly, this game wasn’t made to be played alone; it’s made for multiple players.

The six missions of co-op player mode are the first evidence of improvement from the single player. Be warned, however, these missions are a do-or-die environment as there are no checkpoint saves, which means dying forces one to start over from the beginning.

The Battlelog that connects to web browsers helps facilitate this movement for multiplayer. In fact, Battlelog is the only option if one wants to play in co-op or multiplayer for the PC version. Since it has a great format, this forced use is not a bad thing. Battlelog is basically a social network that allows one to track their progress and even has its own VOIP client so a party can communicate while playing together.

Multiplayer is where the game really kills. This is a true online multi-player title with multiplayer as the best parts of the game. “Battlefield 3” has a large variety of detailed maps with five ways to play each, making these environments a challenge for yourself as well as places to explore how best to play. Through this nicely put-together mode, the game makes playing against and/or with other people an entirely enjoyable experience. Given its immense scale and options, players will likely enjoy every minute of action, from gameplay to visual cut-scenes. Simply put, “Battlefield”’s multiplayer mode pretty much puts all other FPS to shame.

“Battlefield 3” continues the series’ great feature of combining military fields with players battling in tanks, as infantry and in aerial dogfights. Driving six types of vehicles allows for all-out warfare. The only downside to the variety of vehicles is when controls get difficult, such as for aircraft in the PC version (if using the mouse and keyboard controls), which leaves you almost sure to fail. Each form features spectacular graphics that are not only clear but detailed.

Not to be ignored, coupled with the amazing graphics, is a great audio system. You truly believe that you’ve been transported into a living world while playing this game as the environment moves around your character.

“Battlefield 3” is currently available.