1. Your first blackout.

2. Moaning hangovers.

3. Walk of shames.

4. The first time your hall sees you naked passed out over a toilet…but then it becomes a regular occurrence.

5. Waking up and not knowing where you are…and finding someone next to you that you don’t want to be there.

6. Seeing the one night stand from last night the next night out.

7. When the person you were hooking up with at the bar actually sits right next to you in class.

8. Zonking out hard in class and then waking up to your professor staring right at you.

9. When you realize that you’re drinking alone.

10. When you realize you’re the drunkest girl at the party.

11. Seeing you’re Tinder match on campus.

12. When you realize the person you thought was waving at you wasn’t.

13. Realizing that the final you thought was next week is actually this morning.

14. Getting denied at the bar.

15. When the bartender declines your card and you realize you’re broke.

16. When a teacher tells you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

17. Getting called on in class when you are not paying attention.

18. "Soooo…what’s your name again?"

19. Anything that has to do with drunk texts from last night.

20. Overhearing some gossip about yourself.

21. The moment you realize you’ve been friend zoned.

22. "Stage Five Clingers" the morning after…"Are you expecting breakfast?"

23. When you have to tell your friends you can’t afford the fun things you want to do.

24. When you realize your diet has consisted of nothing but beer, weed and Cheetos.

25. Walking in on your roommate having sex.

26. Getting caught checking someone out.

27. Seeing the one kid from your high school that goes to your school as well and making conversation although you never spoke in high school.

28. When everyone pairs up in class, and you're the odd man out.

29. Waving at your professor and realizing he or she has no idea who you are.

30. When you realize college has come to an end, and you’re not sure what you have to show for it.