1. "Am I going to get a job and make money after graduation?"

2. "It’s been four years, and I don’t think I’ve actually learned anything."

3. "Am I really moving home to mom and dad?"

4. "So after college, if I drink every night, I’m now considered an alcoholic?"

5. "I wish I gave a damn about anything school related."

6. "Why does everyone around me seem to have their life together?"

7. "So I can’t live on beer, weed and Cheetos anymore?"

8. "Skipping important things is apparently frowned upon after college?"

9. "Am I going to have to exchange dirty favors on the side of the 110 to support myself?"

10. "So I’m not going to be living with 10 of my closet friends anymore?"

11. "Why are all my friends moving away?"

12. "I have to find a place to live that isn’t around school…where do I start?"

13. Walking into the campus bar…"Oh god, there are youths everywhere."

14. "I’ve known this person for four years, and still can’t remember his/her name."

15. "So alcohol is going to be frowned upon in the workplace as an idea enhancer…well, I’m screwed."

16. "So all of this debt I accrued actually needs to be paid off now?"

17. "I’m going from being the smartest b*tch in the room to the dumbest overnight."

18. "What happened to all of my high school friends?"

19. "I'm moving to a new city -- why do I have to start all over again?"

20. "Is there a post-college freshman 15?"