WATCH: Colbie Caillat Protests Photoshop, Praises Natural Beauty in 'Try' Music Video
Colbie Caillat sings 'Try' in new music video.
(Credit: YouTube)

Girls are growing up to envy the fake, Photoshopped pictures of models and celebrities, spending a majority of their young adulthood lives attempting to achieve an unrealistic standard of beauty. Thank goodness Colbie Caillat, a singer-songwriter who’s known for her flawless appearance, is standing up against Photoshop and its harmful deceit.

In her new music video for “Try,” Caillat protests the "typical" standards of beauty. According to the Huffington Post, the video starts with the singer looking like “a cartoonized version of Mariah Carey in a Dove ad.” The video then reveals a variety of diverse women ranging from young girls to old women caked in makeup.

Caillat then continues to remove her hair extensions and the excessive amount of makeup on her face, revealing blemishes and wrinkles. A close-up shows her taking off her fake eyelashes and lipstick. The video then spotlights the other girls and women in their most natural, makeup-free state. Although these women have flawed complexions, they’re happy and beautiful, which is how all women should feel every day.

“When I shot the first scene with no hair and makeup on in front of an HD camera in my face, flashed with bright lights, everyone was watching,” Caillat told Elle magazine. “I thought, ‘Oh my god, I bet they’re all looking at my blemishes, thinking that I should cover them up, or that I should put some volume in my hair.’ But it also felt really cool to be on camera with zero on, like literally nothing on. And then when it got to the full hair and makeup, I actually felt gross. I was just so caked on.”

If you ever needed another reason to admire Caillat, her self-confidence and openness just gave you one.