David (Mark Ruffalo) just moved into an awesome apartment overlooking San Francisco. The only problem? Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) already lives there ... or does she? Actually, she doesn’t; she’s dead and has returned in spirit form. Or has she?

Hey, who cares? Per standard Hollywood plot device, David’s in love either way. Those who require even a thimbleful of logic to validate a movie’s quality will be foaming at the mouth over Just Like Heaven’s complete lack of a left brain.

And yet, because of its cast, the characters they play and the genuine laughs they elicit when they go for them, it’s not only watchable against all odds, but completely likeable as well. You might roll your eyes, but you might be smiling at the same time. Maybe. Chick flick haters, naturally, should avoid at all costs. Donal Logue, Dina Spybey and Jon Heder also star.

Extras: Two behind-the-scenes features, bloopers, deleted scenes.

Grade: B