There's no doubt Snapchat has become a new method for sharing and communicating. The popular app is a place where conversations take place, and it's a tool women use to get the attention of others (specifically guys they like) indirectly.

If you’re a woman, you know every statement listed below is relevant to you. Don’t deny it.

1. You hold the camera towards the light, because it makes you look better. This little trick is actually always used in photography; don't feel too guilty about this one.

2. At times, you only send a Snapchat to someone specific to show you are alive and to get his attention. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

3. You retake a selfie 100 times, switching poses and angles until you feel satisfied. Nobody has to know that this was your 114th selfie.

4. But you delete the 114th selfie one because you realize the 9th one may be better.

5. You are guilty of the duck face. It's become such a natural go-to facial expression.

6. Sometimes you only post a story for certain people to look at it, because, as Chris Brown and Rihanna said, it "ain't nobody's business."

7. You wonder if the Snapchat you get from the boy you like was also sent to other girls. Let's be honest: it probably was :(

8. You have a hard time debating whether you should send one back. "Do I want to show off my life to him or would that come across as trying too hard?"

9. You are beyond happy that Snapchat doesn’t reveal how many times you replay someone’s story. Because you're definitely not a stalker or anything...

10. You and your best friends send the weirdest and most embarrassing Snaps. And it's WONDERFUL!