Starting college can be hard, especially since most of your friends are probably attending different colleges because the universe hates you—so you tell yourself. No matter if that’s really true or if you actually have your best friend as your roommate, college is a great time to begin new friendships in case that bestie of yours ditches you for someone else.

However, there are “friends” you should avoid making at all costs:

The Drama Queen
You’re in college for a reason, and it’s not to deal with the immaturity of your prior high school peers.

College is supposed to be a fresh start, and people really shouldn't pack their high school drama with them. If you choose to befriend the Drama Queen, college will stop being very fun and will become high school all over again. Plus, what benefits will you get from babysitting someone who exaggerates everything? Sure, her stories might entertain you at first, but they will get very old and very draining, the latter of which the college workload already does for you.

The Stage-Five Clinger
You went to college to make lots of friends, not just one friend who wants to be the center of your universe. Yeah, he or she might be awesome when it’s just the two of you, and you both maybe have a lot in common (not to mention you two are the same size, so you can borrow each other’s clothes), but you should also be able to make other friends and separate plans without feeling like you have to answer to somebody. Go to college to gain your independence, and find friends who are the doing the same.

Also, on a darker note, the Stage-Five Clinger may turn into that friend that becomes your stalker (have you seen The Roommate?!), which is enough to tell you to run far, far away.

The Moocher/User
This is the “friend” you should avoid if you want to make that financial aid check last you the entire semester.

The thing about being a college student is that most often you’re a BROKE college student, which means a trip to the movies or eating at that cute little café near campus is a real treat. Don’t let a moocher make your financial struggle even more difficult. If you keep loaning money to the Moocher/User, chances are he or she won’t return the favor. So, save your money, and go find real friends who won’t treat you like their personal ATM.

The Flake
This one is just as bad as the Moocher/User.

The thing you will learn early on in college is that you really have to manage your calendar so that you can make good grades while still having a social life. Naturally, it’s frustrating when you make plans only to have this “friend” cancel on you last minute. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Concentrate on making friends who will lift you up and who you can truly have fun with, not the ones that will sour your college experience.